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VRthlon is the first ever augmented reality app created for the biathlon fans and anyone who likes to practice shooting. The app, now available for download at Google Play allows anyone to practice shooting anywhere and anytime. The user can compete on the shooting range with other players around the world and their favorite biathlete.VRthlon gaming app uses the power of augmented reality to provide an amazing Biathlon and shooting practice gaming experience to its users. Biathlon is the annual winter games that combine two exciting games, skiing and rifle shooting and the player who completes the challenge within shortest time wins the game. With this app, the users can experience the thrill and excitement of participating in biathlon right from their smartphone, or just get a live intense training session at your own personal shooting range.  procr

Using the VRthlon app is fairly simple. The user needs to purchase and download the game through Google Play and then register and login to it. After this, they can start to compete against others in the game at any time or place, be it at home, work or during a live biathlon competition on TV or at the arena. The goal of the player is to find the targets, aim and shoot them down as fast and accurately as possible. Their champion result will appear on the international scoreboard.

There are total 7 achievements that the player can have in this game and by achieving them all they can become one of the best biathlete shooters in the world. The developers have tried to create a game that feels as realistic as possible while playing on a smartphone. It simulates similar conditions and difficulties like on a shooting range during biathlon.

VRthlon is equipped with high-quality graphics, visual effects and sound effects such as the bullets drop between each shot in the game, to load the rifle. There are challenging wind directions and the user needs to identify the target in the range area that they are located. As soon as the user sees the target, they would need the scope function to accurately make the shot. The game also allows the user to share and challenge their friends on social media, get their name on the world leaderboard and even compare their shooting skills with the top biathletes in the world.

VRthlon also comes with exciting in-app purchases such as upgrading and personalizing the rifle. The game is available for download at a price of $0.99 at Google Play store and App Store




Business booking made simple. Choos is a booking site for businesses based on Request for proposal or tenders booking. Choos is an automated process for the buyer, making the result transparent for the parties, and the final invoice vs agreement between the parties.

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